In our test laboratories, all tests demanded under IEC and TSE standards excluding mechanical resistance test against short-circuits can be conducted for our oily distribution transformers, dry type distribution transformers and power transformers.

Our systems:

1. Test area of transformers having 200 MVA power and of which the highest operation voltage is 300 kV.
2. Test area of transformers having 30 MVA power and of which the highest operation voltage is 36 kV. 

Transformer Routing Tests:

They are the tests conducted for every transformer produced. 

Measurement of voltage cycle rate and control of voltage vector phase shift (TTR test)

Measurement of coil resistance 

Test of AC resistance voltage with separate source (Test of applied voltage)

Test of Induced AC voltage (Induced voltage test)

Measurement of idle loss and current 

Measurement of short-circuit impedance and loss in the load 

Capacity and tan ∂ measurement 

Measurement of DC insulation resistance 

Transformer Type Tests:  

They are the tests conducted on the transformer with the same characteristics on customer demand.

Measurement of noise (volume) 
Lightning impulse test

Temperature increase test 

If there are fan cooling or liquid pump system, measurement of fan or liquid pump losses

Transformer Special Tests: 

There are the tests conducted on the customer demand. 

Idle current and measurement of harmonic compounds

Measurement of zero compound impedance 

Measurement of partial discharge 

Insulation Liquids – Breakdown Voltage Assignment on Power Frequency (measurement of oil dielectric resistance)

Tests of level changer under load 
Function and isolation tests of protection, alarm and command equipment

Isolator Test:

Routine and type tests used in transformers; 

Power Frequency Voltage Resistance Test in Dry and Wet Condition

Temperature Increase Test

Verification of Thermal Short-Term Resistance to Current 

Console Load Resistance Test 

Verification of Dimensions 

Partial Discharge Test