The transformer factory which was established in 1995 as a result of an agreement between Sudan Science and Technology University and Ohan University, took the name of TRANSUDAN by joining Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company (SEDC) in 2012.

With the new investments made in 2016 after the share transfer agreement between SEDC and LMZ Sudan , the factory has increased the manufacturing capacity using new design based on the latest technology in a 20.000 m2 open and 10.000 m2 closed manufacturing area.

Also, new products in the electromechanical sector are planned to be added to the product range of TRANSUDAN.

Beside the Sudanese market, TRANSUDAN is targeting to export it’s products of transformer and distribution equipment to several countries in Africa.

TRANSUDAN is providing the following services:

  • 33 and 11 kV Distribution Transformers
  • Power Transformers
  • Steel and Concrete types Transformers Substations
  • Mobile Substations
  • LV and MV Panels
  • Engineering, Testing, Training and Maintenance