MV / MV Mobile Substations

MV / MV Mobile Substations

MV / MV – LMS series Mobile Substations are designed and manufactured in accordance to customer’s specific requirements and standards.

Mobile Substations can be easily transport and energized in case of emergency and temporary situations as below;

- During new substation construction and civil works
- Maintenance and repairing of any substations
- Power shortage of any substation


- M.V switching compartments consist of 1-52 kV AIS or GIS insulated switchgears.
- Transformer compartments designed between 1000kva – 31500 kVA
- Auxiliary Transformer 50-400 kva
- Low Voltage Compartment consist of L.V. distribution panel / Capacitor bank panel /metering panel / DC distribution panel
- Battery and charger compartment
- Protection, Control and command compartment

General Features

- Up to IP56 protection class
- Suitable for Trailer / Truck / Skid / Wagon assembling
- Suitable design for Scada and control facilities
- Fast transportation and energizing

Suppliying Equipments and Services

M.V. Switchgears, Distribution transformers, Distribution Panels, Capacitor banks, Metering Panels, Control and protection Panels, DC Distribution Panels, Scada and communication systems, Gensets, Batteries, Chargers, Cables and connectors, Internal energy network, Cable Drums, Cable Trays, Earthing and lighting equipments, Documentations, Test Devices, hand tools, Safety tools, Fire fighting and extinguishers, latter and platforms, Hvac, and ventilations, Mechanical assembling service , Electrical assembling services , Test Services, Site installation and commission services, Supervising services.